Skincare routine: April 2011

by saynotospandex

I have an unexplainable habit of documenting my skincare routine.

  • Wash with Methode Swiss foaming cleanser // pumping out ready foam bubbles saves me incredible time in the mornings! This is more drying than my night time cleanser but it works fine for mornings when I wake up with an oily T-zone.
  • Prep with Shiseido The Skincare Nourishing Softener // not sure what this does but it makes my skin feel less tight after I pat dry and softens my cheeks as well for makeup.
  • Apply Methode Swiss SPF30 sunblock // I swear this is the best sunblock, ever and trust me because I’ve commissioned an intensive research on the best sunblock in the market. This feels like a moisturizer with SPF, instead of a waxy sunblock.
  • Put on ZA two-way cake // In my attempt to downsize my beauty budget, I’ve switched to this because I’ve heard so much about this from models to girls with really beautiful skin. This is so-so in my opinion but I have now grown to love two-way cakes because foundation application is much faster now. Coverage is lesser compared to liquid foundation but sufficient for going to the office in. Sometimes I put on a makeup base from Prima Vista but very rarely do I have the luxury of time to do that in the mornings.
  • Benefit boing-boing heavy duty concealer for the dark eye rings // this is a little cakey for my liking so once this runs out, I’ll start researching for a better one. Was using YSL previously but found it too expensive and a little too illuminated when captured on film
  • MAC sheertone blusher in Mocca // shopped around for a long time until I found this apparently perfect shade for my face. It’s taking a long time to finish though!
  • The Face Shop eyebrow powder // I hate to say this but the only reason I’m using this is because this powder never seems to finish and I’ve been using it for the past 2 years. Not even sure if I’m supposed to use it for so long but what to do when it doesn’t finish like other normal products do?
  • MAC Mineralize Skinflash loose powder with huge kabuki brush // This is a step I sometimes skip when I have no time.
  • Spray on Issey Miyake Florale EDT 🙂 // This is not skincare but I just want to include this for the sake of! My latest favourite scent and it’s such a comforting smell.

I am looking to incorporate some products from Dermalogica, yes a US brand but I’ve used it during my facials and I find that it’s developed to cause minimal irritations to the most sensitive skin. I especially like their ultracalming range which contains products with gentle formulations.

Some nuggets of wisdom I’ve squirreled away over the years, they are really nothing but common sense but you’d be surprised to find that is a rare resource these days.  Or maybe the brands are just spending so much on R&D and also advertising that we can’t help but get sucked in by what they sell us. Take a step back and always evaluate what beauty brands tell you!

  • The right product doesn’t always have to be the more expensive one. Never buy a luxury product just because it’s supposed to work better. Try it for yourself and decide if it’s worth the money. If it doesn’t show, it doesn’t work. I used to spend on $150 eye cremes only to realize that my $50 drugstore brands worked the same – my fine lines are still there! I’m not saying that expensive products never work, I’m sure there are some that do work but please try them for yourself rather than believing the gorgeous billboard model they paid $2 million in endorsements who already has great skin to begin with.
  • Don’t believe in what they say about having to use the same product line! I don’t believe there’s any science to it except that they want to sell you the whole product line and earn more from the trusting consumer. Again, use your discretion and buy products selectively. Just because you are using xxx’s whitening range doesn’t mean you have to use every single product in that range! In fact, different brands and product lines are well known for a specific product never the entire line.  If a product reacts strongly with another one, it only gives me reason to suspect it. Good products should never cause reactions when used in conjunction with products from a different brand. If you are using products from the same line in order to reduce reactions, you probably need to ask yourself why so?
  • No product will ever work within 7 days. Don’t believe their marketing bullshit and pay more for something which promises results in 7 days. With everything else in life, beautiful skin requires consistent care with the right products. If a $500 creme claims to deliver younger-looking skin in 7 days, it’s probably too good to be true.
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals, or products that claim to be organic and natural unless you are 100% sure they are. Case in mind is The Body Shop who’s done a great job of creating the impression that they are all-natural. Take a look at their ingredients and you’d be surprised! My personal inclination is to always go for Japanese skincare products than an American label only because they tend to rely less on chemicals and fragrances that make the products smell so delicious.  I say this because if you take a walk though the beauty department and sniff 10 products, chances are the heavily fragranced ones are made in USA. If you can spend some time, go through the ingredients label and stay away from products that contain fragrances or simply take a sniff. If it smells absolutely delightful, you probably should think twice about putting it on your face.