How difficult it is to find a new workout place

by saynotospandex

I have decided that I will start going to a gym in an attempt to shed the hideous flabs I’ve painstakingly hidden with high-waist pants and flowy tops.

What sparked this was the departure of my favorite yoga teacher at my old school. She’s not managed to find a new school yet but chances are she will teach downtown and I’m not sure if her fantastic yoga moves are worth a 2 hour commute back and forth.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have considered that silly. But now, every minute is precious and I’d rather go for sub-standard yoga than waste 120 minutes of my life.

I’m not much of a gym equipment person, and not interested in hoarding the machines with guys who look constipated (on my last gym tour). Will go for yoga/pilates and spinning classes. Wonder if I can get up early enough to go for sunrise yoga before work at 7.15am?