The Weekend Trivia

by saynotospandex

So, blogging times are now relegated to the same pocket of 30 minutes currently occupied by “Hair-drying”.

I used to feel the impulse to blog, to talk about the birds and the bees. But 3000 tweets later, I’ve come to realize that I have lost the ability to conjure sentences beyond 140 characters.

Life has been good and dandy these days, in fact almost too good to be true.

May 2011 marks the 4th year I’ve been with the company. Coincidentally, my boss & co-worker left recently so I am now left flapping in the wind. Looking at the bright side, there is more space to grow and to be myself. With no boss shadowing me, I am now officially my own “brand” in the workplace.

May 2011 also marks the one year since our little retail project was created. I am greatly thankful for where this has led us to so far, and continue to thank the stars above for where it brings us everyday.

2011 marks the year where my savings went from 4 digits (sad, I know) to 5 digits. Somewhere, somehow I have lost the will to save and now I am trying to behave like a prudent adult all of a sudden. It is much easier than I’d imagined it to be.

Am sure that it is now time to evaluate my personal project timeline for the year; where I’ve improved and areas which still need working on. Years without mid-evaluation usually lead to a wasted year, and me wondering where the last 365 days went to.

The flapping will not remain for too long! Plans have been made, and will continue to be made as the adventure continues!