Killing time with cold Chinese dumplings

by saynotospandex

Out of boredom and the fact that I was conveniently booted out of someone’s Saturday plans at late notice, I succumbed to taking a long 12 hour sleep, eating cold Chinese dumplings, doing my nails yet another bold red. And finally managed to waste all of Saturday!

Hate being treated like a sticky note one can peel off with ease. :/

On a happier note, it seems as if I’ve found my yoga place. By stroke of random luck, I discovered this new little shop serving bikram yoga (26 postures done in a steamy, hot room) that’s near his place. I’ve been there about 5 times now and loving every class. God forbid I make the reckless choice of taking a 100 class card!

I’m now putting up at his place in order to enjoy a 1 hour commute; can’t wait for the circle stations to open so I can explore.