Thai comedy Suck-seed

by saynotospandex

I loved “Hello Stranger” when it came out earlier this year and was only too happy to catch this when Julie told me about this film by the same director.

To be honest, I didn’t expect too much from this because the high school rock band concept is nothing new, think Glee.

The plot was nothing special, boys decide to form a band to impress chicks. The 3 boys are hopeless at music but fuelled by Koong’s short-lived interest in every hip trend, they got pulled into the band and took part in the auditions for Hotwave Music Awards where Koong’s twin brother’s band is a hot favorite.

The film started a few years back where Ped was humiliated in front of the entire class for his awful singing. He was later given a cassette tape by Earn whom he fell for. Earn left for Bangkok but returned back to their school and was pulled into their band. Naturally, Ped’s love for Earn was reignited without knowing that Koong was slowly falling for Ped as well.

With themes revolving around one’s adolescent years such as puppy love, friendship and sibling rivalry, any one would definitely be able to relate to it whether you’re a music lover or not.

I particularly loved the reckless chemistry between the 3 guys, and how each of them managed to inject humour in their own ways. Bonus points given to the music videos by actual Thai bands such as Bodyslam and Big Ass, and the comic-like scribbling to bring parts of the movie to “life”.

The takeaway as the name of the movie is based after is that you must suck sometimes, before you succeed. And even if you suck, that doesn’t mean you will not succeed next time as long as you keep trying!