Spending time with one of my oldest friend

by saynotospandex

So I had an enjoyable day with one of my oldest best friends, M and her sis.

We spent the day touching fabrics, trying on clothes, listening to her adventures and being ourselves. I love times spent with old friends where you just be yourself and talk about anything under the sun. It’s not often that I get to hang out with her now that I have other heavy commitments which cannot be shaken off; remember going out with her much more often in the past – but things have not changed, and I do cherish the rare weekend when I can get away from work to spend time with her.

Yay to another outing (and shabu shabu ramen)! I’m a noodles person but I don’t usually fancy that one-piece-pork that accompanies every bowl of ramen – it makes me feel sad knowing that I have to ration that carefully. So imagine my delight when I saw shabu shabu ramen in Tampopo; I LOVE thinly-sliced pork and took the extra portion that was on the menu. The ramen noodle was the variety I liked (not the chewy kind) and soup was perfect (really hate soups which feel like your kidney is dying after).

Wonderful dinner with a wonderful friend on a wonderful day – what more can I ask for?