Talent Cafe, 34 and 36 Tras Street

by saynotospandex

Friday nights usually consisted of nights out in town, queuing up for restaurants and squeezing with everyone else who thinks the same way as you.

Tired of the city bustle, we decide to venture off and explore quieter places and we stumbled upon Talent Cafe via one of my newfound favorite food blogs.

We arrived at Talent Cafe after a nice slow stroll with M and C along the one way street full of quaint shophouses and bridal shops. As I already have a good idea of what I’d wanted to try (read: meatballs, and hake fish), ordering was relatively fuss-free and we ended up ordering quite a bit.

Starting with bruschetta, homemade meat balls, and caesar salad, we were really happy chomping down the first few dishes except for the meat balls which showed up at our table cold. Not lukewarm, but room-temperature cold. A little bit of a boo boo there because after all that wait, we’d expected warm if not hot meat balls. The lovely meat balls more than made up for that hiccup though as every bite into that ball of juicy minced goodness brought me to meatball heaven (if such a place existed). Bruschetta (only because C is a sucker for them) was really good too – how can you say no to those warmly toasted things? Smeared with garlic and olive oil and topped with chopped tomatoes and other cubey things, this was way better than I’d expected. Caesar salad was a little different from the usual variety I’d tried and I loved it. (note: I have an unexplained obsession with caesar salads)

I was deciding between meatball pasta, creamy fish pasta or Hake fish served with sides. Eventually decided on creamy fish pasta with a lot of expectations. I love fishes with a flaky, creamy texture and the one in my pasta was nowhere near. It was a little dry, and texture reminded me of a type of fish I didn’t like. Pasta dressing didn’t do anything to save the dish for me as I struggled to finish my food. Tried C’s Hake fish and I really liked the creamy dressing on it. Portion was amazingly small though, which is almost true for all our mains as well.

The boyfriend joined us after that and had the meatball pasta. It looked good to me and he agreed that the meatballs were fabulous. Most Singaporeans I know of seem to think that IKEA is the benchmark for great meatballs, trust me when I say that Talent Cafe does it better than ’em.

Place was quiet considering it was Friday night and you probably don’t need reservation for now. Had a chat with their staff and found out they have function rooms available for bookings for 30 pax, or 14 pax with minimum spending of $1000 and $500 respectively.

Open weekdays 11-11pm, Saturday 2pm onwards. Closed on Sundays.