French cafe Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery

by saynotospandex

Had dinner with one of my best friends M at Antoinette after a quick shopping trip the other day after work.

We’d wanted a place where we don’t have to queue, nor shout to make ourselves heard. Just a place where we can sit, talk about everything under the sun and enjoy our food.

Antoinette came up as an option and we were seated within 5 minutes.

I really loved the food over there and had a hard time deciding what to have.

We ended up ordering Lyonaise salad, the Florentine crepe and carbonara pasta to share because everything sounded so good on the menu.

The Florentine crepe party consisted of shaved ham, sunny side up, hollandaise sauceĀ  and emmental cheese. A gooey mess of yolk and hollandaise sauce topped with occasional bits of the ham; this is one of my favorites!

I’m quite particular when it comes to pastas and the carbonara pasta did not disappoint. You know how some pastas are overcooked and lose that bite? This one wasn’t like that and I love the chef for that.

The best part of the night was when our caramel tarte came. This was seriously one of the best tarts I’ve ever had. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet and I liked how the crumbly base adds another dimension to the caramel. Would definitely be having this again when I visit next.

Enjoyed myself the entire night talking to M (best friends’ kind of conversations) and it didn’t help that we were seated in plush velvet arm chairs and have known each other for 13 years now.

Would I return to Antoinette again? Yes, definitely! Am already planning what to eat there next, and to try their cakes and pastries next.