The legendary Hong Kong hot dog buns, Wing Lok Yuen

by saynotospandex

On our never-ending quest for best local Hong Kong food, we discovered this legendary hot dog bun served in a little HK cafe Wing Lok Yuen. Wing Lok Yuen / 永樂圜 when translated loosely sounds like “ever-happy garden” and I love the chirpy ring to it.

Apparently the best in Hong Kong, Wing Lok Yuen’s hot dog bun comes sandwiched in a unique house sauce which tasted like mayonnaise but a whole lot more delicious.

The tangy, gooey sauce is clearly the star and I was craving for more after one half.

Being the tourists we were, we ordered a bowl of instant noodles with pork and preserved mustard greens (or suet choi in Cantonese) to share. It’s clearly MSG soup but I slurped it down like a Japanese in ramen shop.

Wing Lok Yuen, 19 Chiu Lung Street basement, Hong Kong