12 rules to live by according to Tommy Wee

by saynotospandex

1. Life isn’t always fair, but you’ll get yours if you work at it.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Your heart can’t take it.

3. You mean the world to your kids. Remember that when you talk to them.

4. Why don’t you stop whining and pop that chocolate in your mouth? Go for a run later.

5. If you’re not preoccupied with living, you’re probably preoccupied with dying. Which makes you a rather boring person.

6. When you envy others, you’re wasting serious time. And giving others a chance to realise how sad you are.

7. Make peace with your past. That’s how you travel light.

8. Love and sex. Give yourself a break and separate the two.

9. A genuine, hearty smile is your best accessory.

10. If it’s not useful, gorgeous or inspiring, you’re probably better off without it.

11. When in doubt, take a deep breath, and proceed with caution.

12. Whatever it is, it won’t matter as much in five years.