Say hello to smooth skin

by saynotospandex

I came across this deal on Groupon a few weeks earlier where the Ahava micro-peeling cream wash was on sale and googled for reviews of this product. Ahava was one of those brands I’ve seen before but didn’t think much about because they don’t advertise much and I’ve never heard any of my friends talk about this product; not that my friends disclose their shower routine to me anyway.

Reviews were glowing and everyone had something good to say about the product. What was amazing was everyone seemed to be saying the same thing about the body wash – that it was gentle, but yet gave an effective exfoliation leaving your body feeling velvety soft. You could buy one or two sponsored reviews or plant a few biased testimonials, but surely you can’t buy everyone! I was looking for a gentler body wash and took the plunge and bought the micro-peeling cream wash in Water Lily and Guarana.

Ahava didn’t disappoint and the micro-peeling wash was exactly like what other users had raved. I liked that the product didn’t lather much (it was SLS-free) and was gentle on my skin. It came out as a heavy lotion-like cream with olive and apricot seed powder acting as exfoliant beads. There’s a light refreshing smell which isn’t too overpowering. My skin felt ultra smooth and moisturized (contains sunflower oil for extra goodness) after the shower and I couldn’t help but notice how soft it’s become.

I slapped on the mineral body lotion which came as a sidekick in the deal, and was surprised by how non-greasy and quickly absorbed into my skin. The smell is a little powdery, very comforting and pleasant.

At the end, my skin was very supple and almost dream-like. Body was glistening since the dead skin was removed and felt soft to touch.

I used to exfoliate regularly with a seperate body scrub but didn’t pay particular attention to moisturizing since I don’t live in a dry climate. However, I’ve started sleeping with the aircon on every single day (yes, even when it rains but it’s not my choice) and add that with the time I spend in my office, my skin has become a little dryer than before especially on the legs. I’ve been wanting to switch to a gentler body wash which exfoliates as well and this seems like the perfect answer! Getting into the shower feels more luxurious ever since I’ve starting using Ahava and I love how my body feels right out of the shower. I always believe you can see how well a woman takes care of herself by looking at her skin and trust me when I say I’ve seen way too many beautiful women with flaky feet and elbows in my yoga class. Always remember to exfoliate! It’s one of those little things which make a whole lot of difference ladies!

Ahava is running the same deal offered earlier by Groupon in stores – a 500ml bottle of micro-peeling cream wash (water lily & guarana which is for normal – dry skin) and a 40ml mineral body lotion for $21 (instead of $42). Get the ultimate gift of happy, smooth skin for yourself today!


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