Wonderful memories in 140 characters or less

by saynotospandex

Laughing hard at Jay Leno live in person

Learning to drive a monster SUV on the other side and actually loving it

Having way too many Eggs Benedicts / Florentines

Cycling against gusty winds on the rust-colored Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran

Taking the trams up and down the steep slopes across San Fran

Drooling at braised drumsticks at Chinatown, San Fran like any good Asian

Laundromat runs in San Fran and Vegas

Having the best oysters of my life at Hog Island, San Fran

Chatting to the friendly Hearst Building doorman from Guatemala

Pretending to be a homeless camper in Occupy San Fran demonstrations and watching SFPD maul a young woman

Quietly trekking in Redwoods Forest and enjoying the cold, fresh air

Getting lost in Lola of North Beach, a quirky shop full of Star Wars moleskins and other beautiful goods

Queuing for San Fran’s best breakfast place and walking out feeling like I’ve wasted 2 hours of my life

Soaking up the mysterious and enigmatic lives of the prisoners in Alcatraz Federal Prison, San Fran

Staring at huge granite pieces and waterfalls at Yosemite National Park

Marvelling at the beautiful costumes and sets on The Lion King

Losing money at the roulette tables in Vegas

Feeling like a kid at the playground in Sephora, Vegas; toyed with the idea of a red lipstick, getting it and then regretting

Trying to spot Megatron at Hoover Dam

Stuffing ourselves with a 450 grams ribeye and saying countless SO GOOD!s with every bite

Watching the yolk go down at the Grand Canyon, Arizona; best sunset ever