My stay at Fiorenza B&B

by saynotospandex

Run by Elena, Fiorenza B&B (Breakfast & Bed) was one of the countless B&Bs we’d stayed during our three-week trip to Europe but it was probably the one of the nicest we’ve stayed in.

The rooms looked like they came right out of a home decor magazine; each of the 3 rooms had a color theme with matching vintage furniture and bedsheets. Rooms were spacious, and very comfortable.

To say we fell in love with this B&B would have been an understatement; perfectly decorated rooms, a friendly owner and delicious breakfast every morning – what else can anyone ask for?

Our room with a pink color theme.

I like this faucet a lot because it’s easier to wash my face!

Elena makes breakfast for the guests every morning. One of life’s little joys is waking up to cereal, tarts, juices, ham, cheese and coffee!

Somebody stop me from making “cereal killer” captions.

La vache qui rit was probably one of the best things that happened to me when I was a kid. And still is.

Starting the day with a delicious tart, divine!

Did you know Nutella was introduced in 1963 by Italian manufacturer Ferrero? I didn’t.

Funny reminder notes from Elena.

Lovely kitchen where we had our breakfast.

We ate breakfast like there would be no lunch or dinner.

The chairs sat there having a conversation after we’d left.

Last one, promise.

Loved the fact that Elena’s mom took a good 10 minutes to give us information on where to eat, what to do and how to get around. Fiorenza B&B is a short bus ride away from the city centre of Florence and we really enjoyed the peaceful and cosy stay in the Via Grecchi neighbourhood.

If you have the chance to stay in Elena’s cosy little B&B, do remember to ask her for restaurant recommendations.

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