This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often.

by saynotospandex

Saw this first back in end 2011, and it was one of those things that made me sit up, look back at my life so far and made me feel a little emotional inside.

I can’t help but think my 28th year on earth was a turning point; it’s when I can safely say I’ve finally arrived in life. I’d like to think I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin but 2011 was when I grew even more sure of the things I liked and hated in my life, and was able to spend more time doing what I love.

I know by now that yoga is truly a part of my life after practising it for close to five years now.

I know by now that I need to be away from my parents in order to have a fulfilling relationship with them.

I know by now that my brothers are the pillars of my life, as are a handful of friends out of the hundreds that’s on my Facebook account.

I know by now the kind of work I enjoy doing, and am lucky enough to be now waking up every morning for it.

I know by now that I need to surround myself with books that I can look back later on in my life and recall the emotions I’ve had when I was reading them.

I know by now that I have the ability to say no to anything I hate or do not wish to be part of.

I know by now where I can go to find my inner peace after a long day; sometimes it’s on a yoga mat in a 40 degrees studio, sometimes it’s behind the wheels on the expressway with the windows down. Sometimes it’s being quiet and clean on the bed with nothing but a book.

Most importantly, I know that my life is mine alone and good or bad, I am the only person responsible for it.