Things Hollywood rom-coms never taught

by saynotospandex

It’s hard to fall in love with a complete stranger. But falling out of love with someone you loved is even harder.

Give yourself time to fall in love. Also give yourself time to fall out of love.

There is no perfect person, but someone who’s right for you will make the journey worthwhile.

Let love find you. Looking for love makes you frustrated, disappointed and honestly, a little too desperate. And you’d have a hard time explaining to your friends how you guys met.

Never go to bed mad and angry with the one you love. You can however, continue being angry if you wake up the next day and recall what made you angry. Also, do consider signing up for anger management classes.

Love as if you’ll never get another chance at it, and that is the only way to love a person.

Some say it is better to be loved than to love. A healthy relationship needs an equal intensity of loving and being loved.

If you love someone, you have to show it and not just say it. People sometimes forget they’re loved and you need to remind them.

Putting your pride and ego away for love does not make you a pussy.

Enjoy doing the little, ordinary things like picking up milk from the supermarket and sitting beside each other watching a badly-subtitled DVD because if you actually find it enjoyable, you can do anything else with him.

Love is nothing but the science of meeting the right person, at the right time and place of your life.