by saynotospandex

“Pleasures – the best ones are the ones where nobody finds out.” – don’t quote me

— Buying expensive imported magazines and devouring each page on your bed eagerly – even though you know you probably can find the same, if not better content online.

— Sleeping in until 2pm, wake up for food, and then have a nap at 4pm.

— Not shampooing your hair the entire weekend. Mmmm, who said natural oils are the best conditioner?

— Finishing all the la vache qui rit / an entire tub of ice cream / half a box of pizza just because you’re alone at home and noone’s judging.

— Tickling a baby’s feet until he’s about to explode, when the parents are not watching.

— Spending 40 minutes inside the shower slowly shampooing each strand of hair, exfoliating every layer of your skin and brushing every tooth 30 times.