Favorite quotes from Pretty Woman

by saynotospandex

Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies; I’m not sure why but perhaps my gender dictates that I become a sucker for rom-coms but even I’m surprised by that.

You see the thing is other than looking like a woman and not being able to navigate for nuts, I behave completely like a guy sometimes. I grew up in a family where the men outnumber the women, and all I remember of my childhood was playing catching with the boys because zero-point, five stones or Barbie bored me to death. Unlike other women, my body is not genetically engineered to react to gore, cockroaches, chocolates, periods, or diets. If I could have it my way, I’d rather be a man. Honestly.

Despite all these tendencies, I am completely a woman when it comes to romance comedies. I don’t know how they make those things, but they always make me go all gooey and emotional inside.

I have a handful of movies that I always go to when I need to believe in the thing called Love and Pretty Woman has always been a favorite romance film of mine; maybe it’s because a man falling in love with a prostitute is so unbelievable or maybe because Julia Roberts really made Vivian come to life as the awkward, vulnerable and unlikely prostitute who sang out loud to Prince in the bath tub.

I love the scene where Richard Gere thought Julia Roberts was doing drugs as she hid something behind her back, and it turned out all she had in her hands was dental floss because she had strawberry in her teeth.

I’ll leave you with quotes from a couple other favorite scenes from Pretty Woman:

“If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.” – at the beginning of their surprise date

“Let’s watch old movies all night… we’ll just veg out in front of the TV.”

“Veg out?”

“Yeah. Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.”

“Look, I’ll tell ya what. I’ll be back. We’ll do broccoli tomorrow.” – her trying to cheer him up after he’s had a bad day

“I’m gonna treat you so nice, you’re never gonna let me go.” – at the start of their week together

“If you ever need anything, dental floss, whatever, give me a call.” – when she was about to leave him after the last night of engagement