Things that potentially make me happier than they should

by saynotospandex

Freshly baked, soft bread filled with cream cheese / yam.

Warm, moist date puddings with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Adding books to my online cart, and waiting for them to arrive.

Staring at all the books I own and feeling like I’m the richest person on earth.

Rearranging books on my bookshelf.

Reading up about the movies I want to watch. And getting excited about actually watching them. (To Rome with Love)

Travelling. Talking to locals, hearing their stories and realizing we’re all the same, eating by the roads.

Looking up and seeing a sky full of sparkling stars. (Pulau Aur, Oct 2012)

Making a playlist, singing out loud to the tracks, and naming it BOUNCY INDIE, whatever that pretentious label means.