A letter to myself

by saynotospandex

Dear saynotospandex,

I know it’s not been easy for you or people around you.

I know that some days you feel like shit. Like you’re the worst human being on Earth. And that says a lot considering the billions of people who exist. And some days you wish you were a better person, or that you could trade years of your life for a ctrl+z option.

I know that can’t be helped even though you’re not one to whine. Or feel sorry for yourself.

Because only assholes feel sorry for themselves, remember?

Just know that this will be over soon. I can’t tell you the exact date, or time, or what you’ll be doing when that happens.

All I can say is that good things will come your way, just like they have for billions of people in this world.

And it’ll be the same for you, because you’re just like everyone else.

Yours sincerely.