Popcorn philosophy

by saynotospandex


I always believe that there are two types of people in this world; there are those who love sweet popcorn (and manicured nails obviously) and then there are the “others” who go for salty.

Today, I realized that I might be wrong because there’s a 3rd species who goes for the assorted boxes.

And, if you think about it , something as pedestrian as eating popcorn has lessons to offer too; especially when it’s 1am at night.

Life is somewhat like an assorted box of popcorn.

You never know what you’re going to get but you will get your fair share at both the sweet and salty ones, for sure.

You’ll end up disappointed if you go in with expectations.

The reverse is also true.

And when you least expect it, you’re going to come across a perfectly caramelized, crunchy popcorn that will first surprise you, and then leave you sitting there in the cinema smiling contentedly in the dark.