Live Long And Prosper We All Should

by saynotospandex

Almost the end of May!

Besides work and spending time with important and not so important people in my life, I’ve been making lists of classic movies, actually sitting down AND watching them, and indulging myself with newfound happy music.

What’s on my watchlist: Dead Man Walking, Shawshank Redemption, Dirty Dancing, Good Will Hunting, The Fight Club

What’s on my playlist: Belle & Sebastian, Imagine Dragons, Regina Spektor, Architecture in Helsinki, The Wombats, Matt and Kim, The 1975

Film and music are a big part of what makes me happy now, unfortunately I’ve still not regained the patience needed to sit through an entire book like I used to. I blame it on Flipboard!

I read a lot of shite online though, mostly beauty and yoga blogs like Garance Dore, Into The Gloss, mind body green, and the ever trusty Makeupalley. I love spying into other women’s beauty & skincare regimes, and have been reading all about electric toothbrush and Clarisonic. Am totally sold on the concept of automating the mundane routines in my life.

Bikram yoga at my new school has been nothing but awesome. Going faithfully twice a week to get my 90 minutes of sanity away from phone notifications.

Work has been interesting of late, crazy busy but that’s a good thing in all sense until it isn’t.

And I’ve since realized that happiness can be very simple. In fact, happiness at its pure form should never have to rely on anyone, anything or anywhere. Profound I know!

xxo, or should I say live long & prosper (sorry, just watched Star Trek & couldn’t resist)