3hree things

by saynotospandex


Here’s three things I did this week.

Lessons I picked up at the supermarket.

Longans are always sweet. And there is a 99% chance of your milk expiring if you’re as forgetful as me. Oh, mashed hard boiled eggs + ham + cheese make a damn tasty supper when you’re hungry at 1am. I attempted to make egg mayo sandwich only to realize I had everything BUT the mayo. And it doesn’t hurt to let the person behind you go first when you have 8 items in your cart, and he only has one.


I got back from a road trip to JB.

Lots of food, body kneading, grocery shopping, complaining about the heat. And the time spent with M who cannot be named, Nic, Scott, Andrea, Shino & Mr. Shino were priceless. Not to mention the time spent discussing the merits of 3 ply toilet paper. #deepconversations

And, I’ll always remember the crazy thunderstorm we shared on that rocky kelong. #priceless

kelong jb

I am smitten with my new Clarisonic. Hello, makeup-free days!

My skin is so smooth it’s insane. I would kiss my own cheek if I could! What’s up with women and gadgets that vibrate?