Wonderful micro-moments in Taiwan

by saynotospandex

Standing on green grassland, watching countless sheeps tumble down herded by a dog

View of sea of clouds right outside my balcony at CingJing

Fucking cold sunrise at 8 degrees wearing too little clothes at CingJing and swearing I’ll never catch another sunrise unless adequately clothed

Soaking in the hot springs at BeiTou, LuShan and thinking life’s pretty amazing

Remembering that my bro was a TV addict growing up, and still is 

Cycling around Tainan, wobbling and almost knocking people down

Walking up and down the gorgeous old streets of ShenNong St, Tainan

Countless bus and train rides, and countless episodes of SATC and Dexter

Having breakfast at classic street corner shop selling “dan bing” and “dou jiang” in XiMenDing, Taipei

Sweating at FengJia night market and gorging ourselves silly; cold chicken, chicken cutlet and papaya milk shake

Making friends with stray dogs (read: instagramming them), and wondering where all the cats are

Trying on a hundred pairs of aviators, and actually buying one (Goodbye, Wayfarer)

Standing and sweating with a bowl of Ah Chung “mian xian”

Stocking up on beauty products in Watsons happy as can be

Falling in love with “cong zhua bing” (onion pancake) on the streets of Taipei

Having fun at the museums of TaiChung (Natural Science Museum + Miniature Museum)