Reasons To Love Sundays

by saynotospandex

mosaic moment

1. Brunches that easily last for hours and preferably outdoors where you can sit with your legs crossed.

2. The kind of slow, luxurious conversations with friends because no one’s rushing to go off to anywhere.

3. Tying up the last bits of loose errands and feeling sufficiently productive before the new week brings with it new ones.

4. Planning a meal, shopping for it, and then spending time in the kitchen cooking it;  one of those meals you’ve always wanted to but never got around to doing on weekdays.

5. Sleeping in till you wake naturally, and still having the audacity to grant your body an afternoon nap when 5pm rolls around.

6. Massive spring cleaning that has been on your to-do list for weeks; the kind that  requires thorough scrubbing and wiping, and in return gives you a quiet satisfaction that lasts the entire day.

7. Watching the sun set by a window/balcony/your car and feeling like the weekend has been nothing short of wonderful.

8. Finding time to unplug digitally and feeling contented sitting quietly with your book. The one that you’ve been trying to read for the longest time.

9. Being outdoors in the evening; sitting on a picnic mat or standing around a barbecue as the weather starts getting cooler.

10. Feeling like you deserve a lemon tart and not giving a shit about calories.

11. Lacing up and going for a run with your favorite songs.

12. Pausing in your tracks because you see a cat that you absolutely have to instagram.

13. Clearing your tabletop, paying off bills, throwing away letters, and occasionally finding something that reminded you of the fun you had the week before.

14. Happy whatsapp conversations full of emoticons because everyone is happy on Sundays.