Little routines

by saynotospandex

1. Morning coffee before anything else. The coffee place below my office knows me as the girl who orders ‘KOK SST W’ – go decipher. I like my coffee thick, less sweet, and at a temperature ready to be drunk immediately.

2. Grapefruits > oranges, definitely.

3. Lemon-ginger juice sounds yuckie, but it’s probably good for your insides.

4. Sunday sprints; effective way of working the metabolism rates up in just under 30 mins! Perfect for people who hate tedious jogs. And hello, toned legs!

5. A little serum goes a long way.  Just spent $$ on a tiny 35ml bottle, ouch! I now need a serum to make my heart feel better.

6. Everyone knows the importance of sunblock for the face, but don’t forget the arms, legs, and back of your neck!

7. Do some abs workout; you won’t regret them. When in doubt, youtube has millions of videos that you can watch and do at home.

8. If you want a strong back, yoga is the way to go. I swear by 90 minutes of Bikram each week.

9. Read, and let it be non-fiction. They are great for your brains, and seriously who still has time for fiction?