A Day In The Life Of.

by saynotospandex

Obsessing with my Jawbone UP sleep data; I get crazy happy when I hit 8 hours

Dressing up as a sushi for Halloween; actually, sewing orange fur balls on my sushi outfit

Dragging my ass out for Sunday evening runs, and wishing I’d gone for more yoga classes – that shit costs $40 when I go only once a week

Making pesto sauce from scratch. Hello basil, pine nuts and parsley!

Trying to rationalize a ‘brunch-once-every-two-weeks’ routine in my life; I’ve not become a hipster yet

Conquering the DO Brief at work and experiencing the brilliant minds of planners

Gushing at baby Ruzgar’s photos; some babies are born rockstars

Reading Jeremy Dean’s ‘You are not so smart’, watching Dustin Hoffman’s ‘Kramer vs Kramer’ & listening to Concorde