Summer inebriation in Krabi

by saynotospandex

They say life is about collecting moments; here are some carefree, spontaneous moments from Krabi.

Kayaking around limestone caves and mangroves at Ao Thalane, specifically crashing and having to do “limbo rock” to avoid getting pierced by the edges. There’s a certain serenity you derive from paddling and watching the ripples you create spread further and further away from you.

Scaling what might be the mecca for rock climbing enthusiasts at Railey. Super challenging, and great fun! I’ve always loved rock climbing, and was happy to have conquered all the assigned climbs. (Below’s a photo of me checking in on Foursquare halfway through a climb)


Discovering a hidden emerald pool perfect for canonball jumps, kind of like a secret paradise. And seeing poor abused elephants being ridden by tourists, and swearing never to take any such rides provided by unethical elephant camps.


Befriending the hotel’s resident stray; an extremely shy dog who loves sausages. He looks like he’s constantly wearing goggles so I’ve taken to giving him a nickname Mister Goggles, except he doesn’t respond.


Taking the classic long tail boat out to Chicken Island, Poda Island and doing kamakazi runs into the waters until we fell flat on our faces. Poda Island is hands down the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been on. Soft sand, quiet, Tiffany-colored waters and clear blue skies as backdrop; what more could one ask for!

poda island

Lots of boat rides; out to Railey Island, out to the beaches. Sunning on the boats with your hair flying crazily like you don’t have a single worry; priceless.


Taking the public bus (hanging at the back of the bus gives you 10 baht off the ticket price, but you might lose your life) to Krabi town for the night market. It’s like a farmers’ market except it happens at night and everything sold is non-organic. I love the communal, pre-historic feel of the market with vendors selling homemade foods, and handicraft items. Obviously, we stuffed ourselves crazy too with sticky mango rice, dubious skewers, spicy salads, and freshly squeezed mandarin orange juice.

Eating ourselves crazy; street stalls that had amazing shrimp fried rice (that I will always remember), papaya salads, grilled fish and glass noodles. Everything was full of MSG (even though we told them not to put any “pong chu rot”, MSG in Thai) and oh so good.

Nightly Thai body massages that cost 200 bahts, and always, always hit the spot. Buying cheapie ‘made in Thailand’ dry bags, and Beer Chang tshirts except they aren’t so cheap afterall.

Watching old movie reruns on fuzzy hotel cable; I don’t understand why my hotel has a gorgeous pool but fuzzy cable.

Lying on my favorite “pestemal” (Turkish towels) at Aonang beach, soaking up harmful UV rays while reading. Introduced by Kat, these towels are like the best invention ever, super lightweight and absorbent, perfect for summer holidays! Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow bought 20 of them one summer.