The Balinese Way of Life

by saynotospandex

January 2014 / Spent 5 lovely days in Ubud, Bali with Joycie and Becs. It was a trip of discovery, of being still, and learning about myself in more ways than one. 

Trekking across rice paddy fields, taking in the green lush fields and the powder blue skies.

Seeing families of ducks going about their own business; wanting to sneak in for a shot, only to see them waddle away quickly while quacking excitedly.

Being woken up by the rooster crowing at 6am on the first morning.

Sipping on a mango lassi on the second-storey patio on a warm day.

Discovering the long-gone feeling of striking a matchstick against the box, and seeing a flame appear. #magical

Sitting at the villa balcony, enjoying dragonfruit and a random holiday ciggie. #walkingcontradiction

Cycling across the countryside, rolling downhill with the warm summer breeze hitting your face and ending the day with ugly tan lines and a dip in the pool.

Falling in love with calories from the legendary ‘babi guling’ (suckling pig) from Ibu Oka, and Nuri’s ribs. Oh, and the martini that burned

Making friends with Bingo, the friendly retriever at Ibu Oka. Becoming an accomplice and smuggling out chicken for the lovely stray at Nuri’s.

Walking on the streets with a furiously-melting caramel gelato in hand, and not a single worry.

Trying to eat clean, learning to be still, open-minded & without expectations.

Girly activities; getting my hair braided, massages and milk baths, and bedtime conversations.