My Imaginary Makeup Feature

by saynotospandex

Having grown up with 2 younger brothers, I’ve always wondered how it would be if I had a sister. Would we share clothes? Would she let me steal her makeup? I think all these imaginary-sister-activities explains why I always wonder about the skincare/makeup routines of other women. That’s why I talk to my girlfriends a lot about their mascara, their blusher, and when the opportunity arises in the bathroom, I pry into their makeup pouches disguised in the name of curiosity. Add to that my guilty obsession of reading The Face / The Top Shelf on intothegloss, and Beauty Minutes on garancedore; you get a good sense of how enthusiastic I get when it comes to skincare & makeup in general.

In the spirit of self-indulgence (and mainly because no one will ever interview me about my routine), I’ve decided to put together a special feature on my little makeup routine. *crickets chirping*

I don’t have an  elaborate routine because I’m not a morning person and every minute I can shave off is considered a mini victory. The most time-consuming part of getting ready has got to be blow-drying my hair and drawing on my eyeliner. I’ve tried ways but the fact remains that I look homeless if I try to leave my house without shampooing my hair. I don’t understand how girls can get by without shampooing their hair. The most I’ve gone was one day and I was dying to shampoo it that very night. Because I have colored hair, I use Loreal Vitamino shampoo followed by their conditioner. When my hair is semi-dry, I rub some pure argan oil on my palms and through my hair. I love the smell of argan oil and it seems to be improving the texture of my hair.

The amount of precision that goes into drawing my eyeliner (I have actually put on eyeliner while stuck in a traffic jam just to save time) would definitely put a German car engineer to shame and I would get a permanent eyeliner tattooed on if not for the fact that it sounds too dangerous.

After cleansing with an instant foaming cleanser from Caudalie (#minivictory because that thing pumps out bubbles and I don’t have to waste time lathering), I pat on Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. It is nothing special but I like that it smells nice, and has a nice name. Sometimes I swab a cotton pad soaked in SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion if I feel like I need a double-cleanse. After that I always put on sunblock, I never skip sunblock on my face which explains why my face tends to look fairer than my neck and the rest of my body. It’s a problem I’m trying to fix but might take a while.

Next comes makeup! I am usually wearing minimal makeup, just enough to look refreshed for work because I hate elaborate makeup. I feel that it can be distracting at the workplace when you have too much going on your face.

If I’ve had a good skin day (yeah…right), I skip foundation which happens to be a really cheap drugstore brand called Elsia I found in Japan. It’s less than $20 and does an okay job so I’m letting it stay until I run out. I have heard so much about air cushion and am waiting for my IOPE one to arrive from Korea. Apparently air cushion lends a radiant glow and natural look compared to normal foundations and BB creams, and IOPE is the most popular brand faved by Korean girls. If I were a beauty blogger, I would tell you to come back again for my review on IOPE but I am not so you would have to ask me about it in real life.

The rest of my face is kept quite simple; eyeliner from MAC Liquidlast Liner because Elianto which used to sell the most amazing, lasting cheap-y eyeliner has since folded. For blusher, I use NARS Orgasm although I am harbouring thoughts of crossing over to Deep Throat instead. In case you were wondering, I wasn’t talking about my sex life.

I didn’t start using lipstick until a few years ago when I realized it made a whole lot of difference in brightening up my look. I go with colors which are ‘my lips but better’ and favorites include Bobbi Brown Soft Rose and Tulle, Chanel Secrete and Exaltee. Bobbi Brown lipsticks are like the best thing ever, except their colors are not very exciting. Chanel has greater color range, and with really good moisture formula but I doubt I’ll be getting them again because it sounds delusional to pay so much for lip color and I’ll not be a delusional woman twice. Exaltee was a bold bright pink color I got thinking I would use them at night but the reality is I am either at the yoga studio sweating or cooking at home and both activities are a waste of lipstick if you ask me. I used to be really into bright red lipstick but suddenly stopped using them one day. I think it’s great if you use red lipstick on a bare face, or have a very dramatic, short statement cut. Red lipsticks always turns out great in photos but can look a little overwhelming on me in real life.

If I have the luxury of time and patience in the morning (which is almost always never), I curl my lashes with a Shiseido curler and Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl mascara. I’ve tried a couple of mascara and Kiss Me is the closest I’ll ever get to caterpillar eyelashes without putting on falsies. I really think falsies and colored contact lenses (okay, make that two) look kind of scary and artificial. If you look so gorgeous with them that no one can recognize you after you remove them, I think that’s kind of sad.

At the end of the day, I love removing my makeup with a cotton pad doused with Caudalie micellar water although I heard Bioderma does the same at a fraction of the price. All the beauty salons I’ve gone to always struggle when it comes to removing my waterproof eyeliner but my trusty Garnier eye makeup remover does a brilliant job at removing them without having to tug at my skin.