A Recap, Sort of.

by saynotospandex

It’s almost funny how life whirrrs past you and suddenly “things that happened a while back”, becomes “things that happened half a year ago”. With my goldfish memory, I figured out I should take a quick moment to do a recap of sort for a good half of 2013 and the 1st quarter of 2014. This is mostly for the benefit of my 80 year old self next time.

  1. Made a sushi costume for Halloween, and painstakingly sewing orange roe-furballs on. What a fun night, and even more fun making the costume!
  2. Tried pole dancing for the first time, and decided slutty just ain’t my style. Um, and there was a guy in the class. No offense to men in pole dancing classes – but this shall remain as yet another thing that doesn’t make sense in this world we live in.
  3. Played a couple matches of tennis; ooh, one of my favorite games in the world that I don’t get to play very often and the rare game gets celebrated out of proportion!
  4. I discovered apple toffee cider.
  5. Jumped along to The Killers, it was a wonderful night out under the stars on a grass patch.
  6. I discovered I can cook pesto pasta. Let’s just say lots of basil was harmed in the process.
  7. Office burrito parties 🙂
  8. Office basketball matches 🙂
  9. The joys of working in Ogilvy
  10. I discovered Haagen-Dazs chocolate fondant ice cream.
  11. The joys of outdoor rock climbing at Railey Island
  12. I rediscovered the joys of Left For Dead 2. I mean, the joys of myself getting killed by zombies.
  13.  I am actually quite a good runner clocking 5 mins a km. And the difference this time round? I actually enjoy running, and having my heart and lungs work so damn hard each time feels damn good.
  14. Saying goodbye to my only grandparent left. It was horrible, but it is also how life works. My “wai po” will always be remembered fondly!
  15. Chasing sheeps in Cing Jing, nuff said.
  16. Realizing sunrises are way underrated.
  17. Signing up for Mt Rinjani!
  18. Tried acrylic painting with “Bert and Ernie” and promising to do another one.
  19. Got promoted at work! Switched teams! 🙂 Yet another adventure beckons.
  20. Growing up, growing out of situations, and keeping certain memories as they are.

Thank you, sweet sweet life.

And dear 80 year old self, I hope this brought a smile to your face.