Quirky Yet Wonderful Weekends.

by saynotospandex

Past two weekends were kind of wonderful in a queer sense. When work becomes kind of crazy intense, you feel almost relieved when the weekend rolls around because you finally have time to be still and just read, to scrub those moldy bathroom tiles, to just do nothing!

  1. Crafting joy at it’s purest form when I stenciled, hammered wobbly nails in, and yarned across a wooden block. Nothing beats the proud sense of satisfaction at the end when you stand back and admire your final output with a huge smile.
  2. Conversations along Liang Seah street with Joycie; talking about the joys of our new work places (week #2), and remembering my first internship. Time flies!
  3. Fourth Chinese lesson; and making good progress with Little Miss Charlotte. Damn nice feeling knowing you made an impact on another human being.
  4. Pop up corridor sale: success! First an idea, that materialized on our calendar, took the form of a flyer which was stuck all over the neighborhood, lugging my suitcase of clothes and shoes over, 5 hours of talking to strangers, trying to sell them our pre-loved items, collecting money, lounging by the stairwell with my Nora Ephron book and the warm Singapore breeze, a packet of iced coffee (super strong, according to the prata guy) and a 8track playlist. Made fifty buckeroos out of items I wouldn’t have worn again, and glad to know they’re going to better homes!
  5. Catching a sunset on one of those days when the sun set really late at 715pm. Feeling really good on a 5km run as your legs just keep striding against the gravel. Gasping for air, pushing yourself just a little harder, and finally reaching the end point. Feels damn bloody good.
  6. Haagen-Dazs with Modern Family; need I say more?
  7. Putting everything else in order because you don’t have time on a weekday; bushy eyebrows, ¬†overzealous fringe, the toilet bowl, growing pile of dirty laundry, the sink, moldy bathroom tiles, you get the idea…
  8. Spending time with my pile of books: Nora Ephron’s “I feel bad about my neck”, “20 something manifesto”, stacks of Nylon mag and Monocle.