Going Places, Seeing Things

by saynotospandex

April was a month that saw me going places with people, doing things, and being quiet.

Spent a laid back weekend in Tioman diving amongst turtles, spotting nudi branches, and trying to remember why I liked (and also feared) being underwater. There’s a certain idleness in Tioman, the type being in another country besides Singapore and away from my always-refreshing work emails can give, and that was very nice, thank you. Plus, I got to bond with the girls over conversations on the boat, at the dining table, on the beds – that’s something I don’t get very much given I grew up with two brothers.

Explored IKEA with colleagues trying to set up our ‘standing desk’. It was tiring, but fulfilling in a way only IKEA can deliver. I love how IKEA creates make-believe living rooms and dining rooms that make flawed human beings feel like their lives would and can be better if only they bought into a $399 HEMNES coffee table. And, I still cannot believe we spent the span of a coffee discussing the merits of soaps vs shower foams. That’s what happens when you get into a discussion with vegan and worldpeace type of folks. And, in other news, I am now a glycerin soap convert.

Spent a stuffy Singaporean day alfresco in a cafe eating toast with Pohty and flipping pages quietly. Work takes a fair bit of energy out of me and it’s always nice to be able to sit still and not do anything for a few hours, except concentrate on the words and the meaning they form when laid side by side with other words. It’s been an insane month of non-stop reading in April – finished ‘Endurance’ by Alfred Lansing and ‘One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com’ in the span of a few weeks. These two books were so good I couldn’t put my iPad down when it was time to. You know what, I’m really happy I am now a bookworm again. Used to read copious amounts of books as a kid but my attention span got seduced by micro content and I could never sit still to finish a book. Am now well on my way to finishing my book goal of 24 books this year, isn’t that super sexy!