The one where my best friend got married

by saynotospandex

So Bean (one of my oldest friends who stuck through A’ levels History and other embarrassing growing-up moments with me) got married one weekend in May.

There was the staycation with the girls; mostly floating around in a tiny infinity pool, eating delicious Spanish paella at Binomio, feeling old at Butter Factory – BUT SO MUCH FUN! I hardly hang out with Bean and friends these days, so it was awesome taking in those little moments.

Of course, there was also The Wedding where we woke crazy early, posing for photos, stopping the boys from getting in, worrying about cleavages (not mine since they’re non-existent anyway), walking everywhere holding her train (I got new muscles for that), getting people drunk, ordering crazy expensive pina colada, and slurping down ramen noodles. Kinda insane how weddings mean so much when you’re watching your favorite person walking down the aisle 😉

Other days were spent checking out the Annie Leibovitz exhibition, catching Happy Ever Laughter, exploring the Singapore Arts Museum, cooking chicken mushroom quesadillas, and catching up on the Russia-Ukraine / Iraq crisis.

Oh, and I climbed Mount Rinjani. In one sentence, life gave me a huge ass challenge and I stood up to it. More on that another day!