> 3hree things

by saynotospandex

Sometimes it’s scary how months fly past without you realizing. July, August, and the first twenty days of September seemed like a blur of work and lots of out-and-abouts.

  1. Brunch with the girls from work at Sabio and lazing by Rainbow’s pool reading; nice lazy Sunday
  2. National Day #mambojumbo in one line: shoving drunk 20-somethings out of the way to 80s music. Kinda fun but never gonna do it again
  3. First time going to Films at The Fort; my heart melted a little watching Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  4. Developed a proper girl crush on Audrey Hepburn
  5. Adventures with N began 🙂
  6. Took two weeks off work and went to Spain (Ibiza, Barcelona), France (Nice, Monaco, Cannes) and London
  7. Caught YSL at the Design Film Festival w Becs
  8. Lunch party at Judy’s overlooking Holland Village, playing with her two new cats