On growing older

by saynotospandex

The older I get, the more I realize life rarely ever works out the way we’ve planned them.

I say this from seeing a handful of long relationships break apart, from marriages ending in divorces, from engagements being called off, from friends getting sick suddenly, and dear ones being taken away from us way before time’s up.

It’s nice to remain the eternal optimist but growing older also makes you realize how relationships, marriages may never work out the way you want to, try as you might, and also life might be taken away without advanced notice.

I guess, that is really how real life is. And I have been holding onto a unrealistic, almost naive Hollywood-tinted perspective of “happy ever after”.

Time to grow up and take in the nice, and not as nice bits of life. Here’s to being grateful for the happy-ever-afters and being okay with the not-so-happy-ever-afters.