Turning Thirty

by saynotospandex

So I turned thirty recently; it felt like any other day except my knees seemed to feel more creaky than before.

Spent time with a whole bunch of people who are a part of my life, over good food and funny conversations.

2014 has been a great year so far, despite everything that has happened.

Made the best attempt of leave days and travelled to Ubud, Krabi, Ibiza, Barcelona, London, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and possibly heading to Australia for year-end holidays, dived again in Tioman, scaled Mount Rinjani successfully.

Encouraged my highly hermit self to leave the house more, and went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition, caught Breakfast at Tiffany’s at Films at the Fort, watched YSL at Design Film Fest, saw Chvrches and Jason Mraz perform, went to Mambo Jumbo for National Day and just might drag my 30 year-old body to ZoukOut. Who would have believed.

Moved teams in Ogilvy and got to know a bunch of crazy and sociable folks. Made new friends while still keeping precious old relationships.

Sat myself down and had a serious conversation about how I should take better care of myself in all ways.

Also somehow found an awesome sidekick, one who makes me laugh a lot, challenges my ego constantly, makes my eyes light up from time to time, and whom I enjoy spending time with. Kind of funny how life works sometimes.

Am thankful for all that has happened this year and am looking forward to another kickass year.