First month of 2015

by saynotospandex

1. Short weekend trip in Bangkok – panic moments trying to spot Andrea amongst short Thai women (#wheresandrea), awesome shopping at Platinum & Asiatique, checked out Talad Rot Fai a lovely night market full of hippies selling old sneakers and clothes from their vintage car boots

2. Weekend cycling trip with Andrea and Simon – and accidentally bumping into Divya at Bewerkz who was supposed to join us with her new bicycle

3. Laneway with Judy / Shawn / Nick x 2, was lots of fun, super laid back vibes, hipsters on mats, food trucks, really awesome.

4. Watching BBC animal documentary on the sofa and cracking up over the frogs trying to kick one another off while trying to mate with a female frog

5. Garlic salmon and oven roasted vegetables (WITH GARLIC) for dinner 😉 #everydayisvalentinesday

6. Making plans for Valentine’s day picnic at the gardens :))

7. Him offering me his little finger when I asked for a cuddle ._.

8. Being mocked at by ‘Simon Cowell’ for my ‘awful singing’ (la-la-la)