Hallmark’s Day

by saynotospandex

“Valentine’s Day is also known as Hallmark’s Day.” – the self-proclaimed practical romantic

So our first Valentine’s Day together came and went one week ago.

Few weeks before that, the partner in crime asked me how I felt about Valentine’s Day – was it very important for me, or just like any other day? While I like the fancy flowers and dinners, I also cringe at how well-intentioned men get ripped off by every establishment eager to charge triple rates and I’d rather not be one of the 48 couples sitting in a restaurant feeling like we’re expected to whisper sweet-nothings into each other’s ears.

I did however, under the kind persuasion of a male colleague, order a badger hair shaving brush for him from MrPorter. He got me a Kindle Paperwhite, as well as a cute little Valentine’s card (which I did not expect) addressed to ‘The Watson to my Holmes” (#innerjoke) expressing how much he’s enjoyed fighting crimes with me. Apparently he’d walked up and down Raffles Place trying to find a card – never expected him to write me a cute little card but the best things happen when you have no expectations.

When I got to his place, the partner in crime had already gone to the shops and bought cheeses, hams, olives, artichokes – and laid them along with cooler bags and cutlery. I was honestly quite surprised by how much effort he’d put in!

Was a lovely day sitting on our mats, enjoying the humidity sticking to our skins, and fending off ants swarming to any crumbs of food we’d left unattended. It was honestly like an episode of Man vs. Wild – Ants edition.

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