March and April flew by real quick

by saynotospandex

Seven memories of March and April 2015

1. We survived our first couple trip (+ Judy) together. Malacca was awesome in every sense – good food (cheese prawn beehoon or snail goo as he calls it), wandering around the streets, sitting in cafes, lounging around in beautiful Majestic Hotel, working out at the gym, reading our kindles on the bus. I was amused by how much time he could spend reading without getting restless.

2. Brunch with Nick + Judy, Shawn, Becs at The Lokal. Quite fun hanging out with these people. I was declared a pop culture orphan.

3. Sunday roast with Nick + his friends. I still don’t get the appeal of Sunday roast.

4. Bahn Mi at Tracy’s place. So yummy. Especially the epic story of Tracy and her maid.

5. Wandered around Tan Boon Liat building shopping for his steampunk lamp. Nice relaxing day. Topped off by the best ice cream sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

6. Fixed our bikes (new brakes, and a better bell – no more sound of frogs croaking) and went to Daan’s place for a movie screening. Only to have his tyre go flat just before we reached. Ended up having to go back and fix it again. Makes for a wonderful story.

7. Dinner at Fern & Kiwi where he amused me immensely with his spreadsheet story 🙂