by saynotospandex

saturday //

We walked around Tiong Bahru as his friend Gavin is in town, drinking coffee, wandering into concept stores and walking out not knowing what the store was for, browsing books (had a desire to flip through actual pages after reading on my kindle). Was made fun of for reading out every visible sign I see. Fun times.

Was cooking steak & mashed when he suddenly walked into the kitchen (from his game in living room) and said ‘babe I’m glad I met you’. I stood there sweaty and frazzled, and couldn’t understand what compelled him to suddenly say that. I asked why, and he said he just thought of it randomly (while slaying monsters on his PS4?!). Men can be weird and cute sometimes. I ended up ruining the mashed potato and carrot, and got made fun of entire night and day.

Supper and massage in JB with E3 was fun – but tiring!

sunday //

Din Tai Fung + bedsheets shopping.

Laid by the pool, read, napped.

Dinner at Robertson Quay w JC and him, and watched Man on Fire before passing out.

Lovely day!