Bali Adventures

by saynotospandex

1. Chilling by the patio with Asta, sitting quietly with Nick while we both read (‘Soul Journals of Bali’ or my kindle) while music from his playlist streams

2. Supermarket shopping @ Papito Express

3. Homecooked meals by Asta – beef stew with couscous, chicken katsu and her boyfriend stories

4. Asta’s good taste – her house filled with vintage cabinets, lovely plates and bowls, papier mache moosehead, and lots of gorgeous items

5. Making origami cranes together with Asta

6. Nick grabbing my hand as we walked out to the sea for a mid day swim @ Nusa Dua / Jimbaran

7. Jumping the huge waves as they rolled in, and sometimes failing & almost losing our sunglasses

8. Our couple twin moment – both reading our kindles on sun chairs, sunblock applied (him sunburning, me hiding under the umbrella)

9. Asta bringing us to a local warung for breakfast – quaint local place, unpretentious, once the order is taken, three women work to boil the noodles, add garnishings, scoop up a bowl of slippery wantons

10. Relationship give & take – him enduring beehoon for breakfast (bizarre concept to him) while I pretend to enjoy yogurt with muesli

11. Him suspecting I do not like my museli yogurt bowl all mashed in – and then promptly presenting me with a bowl of yogurt with chopped bananas, nuts, and honey drizzled over while his was all mashed

12. 101 ways of crushing – spinning crush, micro crush, kung fu crush, delayed crush, butt cheek crush

13. Our ‘being human’ conversations on pooping & napping

14. Three poops nuff said

15. Being carried around in the water

16. Our swimming pool serious conversations about our life stories, money and everything in between

17. Him bringing me to Potato Head

18. Getting lost in the huge Conrad bed

19. Sunset at Jimbaran

20. Ping pong challenge. I lost.

21. Him trying to scare me 8am in the morning hiding behind the door. I tried to scare him in the bathroom and saw him do a jump of sorts. We are like a bunch of 5 year olds.