Seeing the world in 2015

by saynotospandex

What a year 2015 has been. I was determined to get more out of life in 2015, probably because of how 2014 was in some ways.

Never really believed in new year’s resolutions but I did make up my mind to see more of the world. I started saying yes to more trips and ended up going to..

Bangkok in Feb // triplets take on Bangkok, we shopped for matching clothes, ate, and explored Talad Rod Fai.

Cebu & Oslob. March // did a work trip and extended to go swim with whalesharks in Oslob.

Malacca, March // first holiday with Nick! Judy joined us and it was good fun exploring the streets and cheese prawn noodles.

Palawan, El Nido, Puerto Princesa April // 2nd time to Philippines and quite sure I’d never return again. The lagoons were lovely but hardly developed beaches, did the underground river tour which was also bit average. Good company though, first time traveling with Becs and Shaun.

Lake Toba, May // first trip with Divs, Andrea and Rish where we formed a Happy Family. Got to know Rish so much better – that moment when I found out our shared room had no aircon, his great taste in music.

Vietnam, May // work trip & got to know some of the folks in Ogilvy PR a lot better.

Bali, May // Nick went over on a business trip, and I followed. Amazing time in Conrad (and also sunbathing at Intercon lol) and at Asta’s place after.

Greece (Kardamili, Athens) & Italy (Rome, Tuscany), July // first trip with him and his parents. 2nd time to Greece and been great fun seeing the less-explored parts of Greece. Stayed in a seaside town, swam in the Mediterranean sea with Nick, ate lots of Kalimata olives and melons. Tuscany was gorgeous, quiet and peaceful as we stayed in a house and spent the days driving out to the smaller towns.

Hong Kong, September // last ‘fab ladies’ group holiday before Becs return to San Fran. Ate, shopped, ate.

Taiwan, September // spontaneous trip with the parents just before I started new job. Quite an experience! Saw Yi Lan, Jiu Fen and Yeh Liu for the first time.

Rawa, October // we packed 20 people in a bus and rolled up to Rawa for Rainbow’s birthday.

Vietnam (Da Nang, Hoi An), November // Nick spoiled me with a birthday weekend at Banyan Tree. The most luxurious and wonderful birthday ever!

London, December // first Christmas with him back in London. Good times getting to know him better – how he grew up, his aunt who doted on him like a younger brother, his 96 year old granddad with WW2 stories who was quite an endearing character, his two baby cousins who he dotes on so much.