amandina* \\ A story of her life’s highs and lows punctuated by her gorgeous sense of fashion and encounters with men in her life in Hong Kong.

Cupcakes and Cashmere \\ Life of Emily as told by her outfits of the day, crafty hands and amazing recipes. I always wonder where she finds all that time!

Karen Cheng \\ One of my favorite blogs from many years back and amazingly, her blog remains as relevant as it did many years back. Love her well-balanced entries and the ones on her kids and life as a homemaker are the best!

Oh Joy!

Story of Bing \\ With a quirky sense of humor most Singaporeans can relate to, bing is refreshingly honest and I love how she tells is as it is; no pretense and just a reflection of her life.


Jak + Jill \\ One of the best street fashion photography page out there, I cannot help but envy the luxurious fabrics and raw, crisp photography.

La Mode Outré

Japanese Streets

The Satorialist

Food & Travel

Amasou, umasou \\ Amasou, umasou has a knack for sniffing out the underground, artsy type of cafes. A breath of fresh air from blogs that reviews places that we all know! Doesn’t help that beautiful photos are aplenty!

Eating Asia

Sittingwishingeating \\ I love, love, love her food photos. One of the best blogs out there (in my opinion) which marries love for photography and food very beautifully. (as introduced by Amasou, umasou)

Sticky Rice

Cook & Eat


RecoveringYogi  \\ A refuge for the spiritually disenfranchised


My milk toof \\ Quirky tales of life as told by two milk teeth. Absolutely entertaining in a kooky way.

Dr Theophilus Pudding’s World of Knowledge of the World