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Hallmark’s Day

“Valentine’s Day is also known as Hallmark’s Day.” – the self-proclaimed practical romantic

So our first Valentine’s Day together came and went one week ago.

Few weeks before that, the partner in crime asked me how I felt about Valentine’s Day – was it very important for me, or just like any other day? While I like the fancy flowers and dinners, I also cringe at how well-intentioned men get ripped off by every establishment eager to charge triple rates and I’d rather not be one of the 48 couples sitting in a restaurant feeling like we’re expected to whisper sweet-nothings into each other’s ears.

I did however, under the kind persuasion of a male colleague, order a badger hair shaving brush for him from MrPorter. He got me a Kindle Paperwhite, as well as a cute little Valentine’s card (which I did not expect) addressed to ‘The Watson to my Holmes” (#innerjoke) expressing how much he’s enjoyed fighting crimes with me. Apparently he’d walked up and down Raffles Place trying to find a card – never expected him to write me a cute little card but the best things happen when you have no expectations.

When I got to his place, the partner in crime had already gone to the shops and bought cheeses, hams, olives, artichokes – and laid them along with cooler bags and cutlery. I was honestly quite surprised by how much effort he’d put in!

Was a lovely day sitting on our mats, enjoying the humidity sticking to our skins, and fending off ants swarming to any crumbs of food we’d left unattended. It was honestly like an episode of Man vs. Wild – Ants edition.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.47.44 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.50.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.50.55 AM


First month of 2015

1. Short weekend trip in Bangkok – panic moments trying to spot Andrea amongst short Thai women (#wheresandrea), awesome shopping at Platinum & Asiatique, checked out Talad Rot Fai a lovely night market full of hippies selling old sneakers and clothes from their vintage car boots

2. Weekend cycling trip with Andrea and Simon – and accidentally bumping into Divya at Bewerkz who was supposed to join us with her new bicycle

3. Laneway with Judy / Shawn / Nick x 2, was lots of fun, super laid back vibes, hipsters on mats, food trucks, really awesome.

4. Watching BBC animal documentary on the sofa and cracking up over the frogs trying to kick one another off while trying to mate with a female frog

5. Garlic salmon and oven roasted vegetables (WITH GARLIC) for dinner 😉 #everydayisvalentinesday

6. Making plans for Valentine’s day picnic at the gardens :))

7. Him offering me his little finger when I asked for a cuddle ._.

8. Being mocked at by ‘Simon Cowell’ for my ‘awful singing’ (la-la-la)

Turning Thirty

So I turned thirty recently; it felt like any other day except my knees seemed to feel more creaky than before.

Spent time with a whole bunch of people who are a part of my life, over good food and funny conversations.

2014 has been a great year so far, despite everything that has happened.

Made the best attempt of leave days and travelled to Ubud, Krabi, Ibiza, Barcelona, London, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and possibly heading to Australia for year-end holidays, dived again in Tioman, scaled Mount Rinjani successfully.

Encouraged my highly hermit self to leave the house more, and went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition, caught Breakfast at Tiffany’s at Films at the Fort, watched YSL at Design Film Fest, saw Chvrches and Jason Mraz perform, went to Mambo Jumbo for National Day and just might drag my 30 year-old body to ZoukOut. Who would have believed.

Moved teams in Ogilvy and got to know a bunch of crazy and sociable folks. Made new friends while still keeping precious old relationships.

Sat myself down and had a serious conversation about how I should take better care of myself in all ways.

Also somehow found an awesome sidekick, one who makes me laugh a lot, challenges my ego constantly, makes my eyes light up from time to time, and whom I enjoy spending time with. Kind of funny how life works sometimes.

Am thankful for all that has happened this year and am looking forward to another kickass year.


weekend fun

weekends //

  1. avocado toast again (:
  2. omakase burger party
  3. he does not like root beer. how can anyone not like root beer!!!
  4. walked around Pasarbella and Chillax Market
  5. controlling me with his Playstation 4 remote – mute, go to kitchen

Europe summers

August 2014 / Some highlights from my two weeks of Europe summer. Summer in Europe is awesome, lots of lazing around on the beach, good weather, long days, ahh.

  1. Going to Ibiza for the first time; and having the classic party island experience with Avicii and David Guetta at Ushuaia. Outdoor clubs with cool breezy weather and an awesome atmosphere!
  2. Also saw Bob Sinclair. Not that it matters.
  3. Lie on beach, apply sunblock. Repeat.
  4. Did the French Riveria (area between Nice and Menton) coastal drive. Explored Villefranche sur Mer, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Eze Village, and Antibes taking in the lovely sea view along the winding roads.
  5. Spent a day in Monaco and Cannes each; Monacco with her casinos, constructions and casinos reminds me of Singapore almost.
  6. First time in London! Didn’t think I’d like London much but I was proven wrong. Getting lost in the tube stations is quite fun.
  7. Saw my first musical in London – Billy Elliot. The experience of sitting in an ancient theatre felt kind of surreal and magical.
  8. Went shopping along Oxford Street, and also Harrods.
  9. Did Indian curry, and also went to Fabric, a club full of teens and early twenties.
  10. Met the partner in crime, and his mom, and his dad. Spent days sipping tea, so typical and fun at the same time. Fell in love with bagels with cream cheese as well.
  11. Had fish & chips, with mushy peas. Mushy peas is strange.
  12. Visited Imperial War Museum
  13. Did ghost walking tour in the rain. Kind of torturous because was raining the entire night and we wished we were warm at home. Guess whose idea it was to do the walking tour…
  14. Saw the toppled phone boxes art installation, very cute.
  15. Went to La Sagrada Familia again, but went in to see the architecture this time round. Really beautiful stained glass windows and decor.
  16. Wandered around the Gothic quarters, as well as Zara.
  17. Took the Montjuic cable car, laid on Barceloneta beach, had delicious seafood at a local shop where we picked what we want.

On growing older

The older I get, the more I realize life rarely ever works out the way we’ve planned them.

I say this from seeing a handful of long relationships break apart, from marriages ending in divorces, from engagements being called off, from friends getting sick suddenly, and dear ones being taken away from us way before time’s up.

It’s nice to remain the eternal optimist but growing older also makes you realize how relationships, marriages may never work out the way you want to, try as you might, and also life might be taken away without advanced notice.

I guess, that is really how real life is. And I have been holding onto a unrealistic, almost naive Hollywood-tinted perspective of “happy ever after”.

Time to grow up and take in the nice, and not as nice bits of life. Here’s to being grateful for the happy-ever-afters and being okay with the not-so-happy-ever-afters.

Busy decluttering!

Decluttering is like a heart-booster for me. Therapeutic and soothing at the same time.

Threw away two bags, two pairs of shoes, bunch of useless keychains, and badge pins today.

Emptied out a row of bookshelf and placed books on them.

Organized my lingerie drawer.

Washed my makeup brushes and laid them out to air-dry.

Scrubbed my sink until it was gleaming.

Dumped my sheets into laundry into an extra-long cycle wash.

Mmm, the joys of decluttering and cleaning!